Creamy Spinach Soup with Lime

Hello everyone! I have a new delicious recipe for you that will open you up to a different way of making creamed soups that are healthier, dairy free and down right delicious. 

Today, I'm sharing my recipe for Creamy Spinach Soup with Lime with you.

How Do You Want People To Remember You?

I know that when asked that question, that there are some of you would answer, "Who cares?". Thankfully however, the majority of us do actually care how we will be remembered by others after we die.

In many cases when someone actually does know they are going to die soon (i.e. because of terminal illness or in planning to take one's own life), they go through the process of making peace and "setting things right" with others. They have that golden opportunity to clear things up and to have a more positive exit from this world. They have more of a chance of being remembered in a more positive light after they've died, or at least less negative.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello Everyone! First of all, I'd like to thank every one of you for your support and for being interested in what I share with you and write about.

Secondly, we all know that the Holiday season brings us happiness as we enjoy the festivity of the season. However, the season can in also bring sadness to many of us, as we remember our loved ones that have passed on or the romantic loves that people could be in search of. This can bring people feelings of loneliness, despair and helplessness- even when physically surrounded by other people.

Manly Beach, Australia

Our day in Manly Beach was one of the most picturesque days in Australia. There was a bevy of Manly sights for sure as we walked along the beach, had lunch in a cafe and then took a really long manly hike along the spectacular coastline of the beach and around the very steep cliffs.

There were sections where the wind was calm and serene and other areas where we were walking at a forward facing angle as we pushed through the high winds along the top of the cliffs. At times we felt we might even be blown of the cliffs.

Melbourne, Australia

Hello everyone, here's a sampling of my photos from our time in Melbourne. It's another beautiful city that's definitely a must see if you make it to Australia.

There's definitely a different vibe about Melbourne from Sydney which gives it it's own special character. When we were there, it showered a little bit each day, but the sun always managed to come out as well. We never lost any time at all from site seeing and exploring all of the gems of the Melbourne area.

Cabbage Stew

Hi Everyone, I'm sharing a recipe with you for a dish that my mother used to make while I was growing up and even afterwards. It makes me think of her when I make it and as I eat it, the feelings of coziness and comfort fill me with memories of her.

It's such a simple recipe and you can

Sydney, Australia

Hello Everyone, what a wonderful time we had in Australia. It was a long trip to get there but boy was it worth it. We fit in so much in the time we were there, in both Sydney and Melbourne and the surrounding areas. It was technically a trip for work, but we managed to make it a vacation to remember.

Paleo Lemon Russian Teacakes

Hello, Everyone! Just want to let you in on my recipe for a healthier decadent and oh so yummy dessert cookie. They are perfect for all year around for dessert and they are perfect for the Holidays for serving with your other favorite cookies.

Yep, It's True- Money Can Buy Some Happiness

Greetings from Australia! 

The other day, I had the TV on for some background noise as I was working from home. I heard the report on The Today Show, "Yes, You Can Buy Happiness — If You Spend Money to Save Time". It validated something I've always believed in and live by. Just because a person may be rich financially, it doesn't mean that he or she is happy. However,  money can make life easier, more rewarding and can lead to more happy feelings.

Puerco de Amor (Slow Roasted Latin Pork)

As you've probably figured out by now, I love to cook. I've been cooking since I was 5 years old with my wonderful late mother and then able to cook on my own since 9. Throughout my life, my mother taught me such invaluable cooking skills. Of course, I've also added many of my own. It's truly one of my joys in life.

Cooking puts me in a happy place with memories of my mother and feelings of comfort and peace. I especially love to cook foods that celebrate my Latin heritage. For me and many people, Latin culture and food brings spice and sultriness to their lives. [Read more...]

You Don't Have to Fit In

When I was a young boy, all I wanted to do is fit in with the rest of the kids in town and at school. I basically just wanted to be like everyone else and not stand out as different.

I was a Hispanic person living in a white neighborhood and going to a white school. There weren't any other people like me around. I also felt different than the other kids in other ways, but I'd discover why later on in my teens when I realized I was gay. [Read More...]

No More Excuses

How many times have you heard people making excuses for their bad behavior or their lack of action about something? Surely, you've also witnessed individuals making excuses for others, whether its other friends, relatives or children of whatever age? 

Sometimes, it seems like the world is full of excuses for things. Excuses do nothing but damage ones integrity by causing distrust by others. That's because excuses can either stretch the truth or are just be outright lies. Excuses also make people and others less accountable for their bad behavior or inaction about something, because it makes them become the "victim". 

Of course, there are times when there are legitimate "reasons" for things, however an excuse is what results from a person fabricating an untruth. An excuse attempts to let a person "off the hook" from having to be accountable for their actions. After a while, excuses become transparent to others. They become tiring. [Read more...]

Mending Fences is a Joint Effort

Mending Fences is when someone repairs their relationship with another person after being estranged or hurt in some way. This repair may not bring the relationship quite back to the way it was before but it eliminates, or at least, eases the negative emotions that existed between the two parties.

There are some cases where a new understanding comes about between the parties and the two individuals (or families) come together with a stronger bond than before. It not only depends on what caused the rift between the two parties and the severity of what happened but it also depends on the willingness of both parties to make amends and move forward. [Read more...]

Know Yourself and Know Your Body

There are many reasons why its good to know yourself and your body.

First, being in tune with how and why you feel a certain way emotionally puts you in charge of your personal growth and happiness.

Secondly, being aware of how you feel physically, puts you more in charge of your health.

Your Emotional and Physical sides of your being, are both important and work together. It's key for them to work together in order for you to achieve the most happiness and joy in life. [Read more...]

Should You Give Someone a Second Chance?

Whether a relationship is a friendship or a romantic one, there will be times when an argument or some other occurrence will test your relationship. Because of this, there are times, that one or both people in the relationship will need to decide whether to give the other person a second chance and hold on to the relationship or to sever ties and end it.

It's up to you to decide what you want to do and nobody else. However,  you need to live with your decision until the next time that something comes up to challenge the relationship again. [Read more...]

Learn How to Improvise

Many of us place so much unnecessary pressure and stress on ourselves in a lot of ways. One way a lot people do that is by feeling that they always have to do everything "by the book" or in other words, strictly according to the rules. These rules can be set forth upon us by society or self imposed from being creatures of habit.

Living your life according to so many rules can make you feel stifled, uncreative and at a loss when you need to think quickly in a pinch.

When you learn how to improvise or think outside of the box, you release your creativity. To improvise can mean doing, making or producing something with what you have. It could also in a way mean taking a situation and making the best of it. [Read more...]

How to Prevent a Setback From Derailing Your Fitness Goals

I'm sure we've all experienced this at one point or another. You finally get into a great routine of some sort- moving ahead on goals or a project full steam and something interrupts your momentum.  This could be only for a short time or maybe longer, but this interruption causes a setback for you.

After a setback, it can be hard to get back to the point you were at before. For some people, their momentum is lost forever and then they can become frustrated to even try again. This can happen in so many facets of our lives, but this post is focused on ones goals to not only look better but to also feel better and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

When we've finally gotten ourselves into a nice momentum towards achieving our fitness goals, we feel excited and motivated to keep it up. We're eating properly and we have a regular fitness routine in place. Things are going smoothly and then BOOM, everything gets disrupted- sometimes even to a screeching halt. [Read more...]